The Little Loaf.

IN a time of famine, a rich man sent for 

the  poorest  children  in  the  town,  and  said 

to them:  "There is  a basket of bread;  you 

may  come  each  day  and  take  a  loaf until it 

pleases  God  to  send  better  times."  The 

children  attacked the  basket,  and  disputed 

as  to which should have the largest loaf,  and 

then went away without once thanking their 

benefactor.  Only Frances, a very poor but 

cleanly  dressed  girl,  modestly remained  

behind  and  had  the  smallest  loaf  which was 

left in the basket.  She gratefully returned 

thanks,  and went  home  quietly.  One day 

the children  behaved very badly,  and  poor 

Frances received a loaf very much  smaller 

than the rest;  but when  she took it  home, 

and her mother  cut it open,  a number of silver 

pieces fell on the floor.  The poor woman 

an  was  astonished,  and  said,  "Go  and 

return  this  money  immediately;  it  must 

have  been  put  in  the  bread by  mistake." 

Frances  went  directly  to  the  gentleman, 

who  said:  "My  dear  child,  it was  no    

mistake.  I had the money put into the loaf to 

reward  you."  Remain always peaceable 

and  contented.  Those who are satisfied 

with  a  little  always  bring  blessings  upon 

themselves and  family,  and  will  pass  hap- 

pier through the world. 


THINK much more than  you  talk.  Think 

before you speak.  Talk little about yourself, 

and never say anything but good of an absent