Little Sins.

JOHN and Thomas walked up the street 


When they got to the fruit stand on

the corner, Thomas put his hand into a bag

of peanuts and took out a handful and put

them in his pocket and walked off.

"Why, Tom, you did not pay for those

nuts," said John.

"I know it; but what if I didn't!"

"Oh! That is stealing!"

"What! Taking a few nuts? That's nothing! 

The man didn't see me."

"Yes, it is, Tom. God saw you if the man

did not; and mother says a small sin is just

as bad as big sins."

"O, I often take an orange or apple when

I go to the store."

"Tom, I beg of you to never do it again, because

it will teach you to be a real thief

some day."

"Why, John, I would not be that for any


"Yes, Tom, mother was telling brother

and myself the other day, it was so important

to form good habits while we are young,

for they grow with us, and it depends on our

characters in this world, what we shall be in

the next."

"Why, John, you talk like a minister. I

wish I was like you, but then I have no mother

or father to teach me as you have."

"I know you have not, and I am real

sorry for you; but if you ask our Heavenly

Father, he can teach you better than any

earthly parent can do." 

Child's World