Go Because It Rains 

BECAUSE IT RAINS suppose that you won't go to Sabbath-school today, Lucy," 

said a mother, one stormy Sabbath, settling herself to some reading after breakfast. 

"Please let me go today, mamma; I want to go, because it rains." 

"Why, Lucy, that is my excuse for staying at home. How can you make it a reason for going?" 

"Our teacher always goes, mamma, in all weather, although she lives so far away. She told the class that one Sabbath, when she went through the storm, she did not find a scholar. She asked us if we did not go to day-school when it rained harder; and she said, while we must always do as our parents thought best, perhaps if we asked them pleasantly to let us go, and were willing to wear our thick boots and waterproofs, they would be willing if we were well. 

Please let me go today, mamma; you know if it rains ever so much tomorrow, I shall have to go to school to keep my place in my class."

"Well, I am willing, if you wear your school suit; go and get ready." But when the mother heard Lucy singing softly as she dressed herself to go out, she no longer felt interested in her book. When her husband, who was a lawyer, came in soon after from his library, she said, smiling, "Lucy is going to Sabbath-school especially because it rains, that her teacher may be encouraged by the presence of at least one pupil. What say you to our going to church ourselves for the same reason, if we do not for any better?"

"I am agreed, my dear. I was just thinking I could never plead a cause to a vacant courtroom, and that our minister must find it hard work to preach to empty pews." 



GOOD and true and happy,

I may be, 

Walking in the sunshine,

Glad and free, 

If I but remember

Every day

What the Bible tells me, 

"Watch and pray."