Jessie's Lesson.

"OH! Mamma, do you know it is almost

winter, and I do dread winter, everything

dies so," said little Jessie Moore as she came

into her mother's pleasant sitting room one

beautiful October afternoon.

"But perhaps you can save a little from

so much beauty to make even winter bright,"

said Mrs. Moore, kindly. "Go and put on

your hat and sack and let us take a walk."

Jessie was always ready for a walk, and

in a few minutes she and her mamma were

in the open air. Jessie took a little covered

basket as her mamma directed.

"We will go this way, dear," said Mrs.

Moore, turning from the beaten streets into

a narrow, grass-grown road by the river.

"Why, mamma," said Jessie, "nothing

pretty lives that way."

"We will see, my daughter," and they

walked on, talking, until Mrs. Moore called

Jessie to stop. "Oh! How beautiful," she

exclaimed. "Why, it is a perfect wall of

beauty, gold and brown, and the colors so

rich, and some of them all speckled," for

just there was a clump of small beach trees,

all set out in their fall dress of gold and

brown, rich enough for any queen.

"Now, Jessie, we will pick a few of the

most perfectly shaped of these leaves and

put in your basket."

"Why, mamma, they'll die like the others,

and shrivel up."

"Be patient, dear, and you shall see.

Now gather every kind and shape and color"

you can find."

Jessie was soon wide-awake at the work,

and found heart-shaped maple leaves as red

as the sky at sunset; and little gold-colored

ones, and flaming sumac, and maroon raspberry,

and velvet birch, and silver poplar,

and sober brown oak, until she cried, "I

never dreamed there were so many kinds."

Then she found brilliant red berries, and the

basket was quite full. When they reached

home they sorted out all the perfect ones and

laid them between the leaves of a book, and

put it under a trunk to press. About a week

after, Mrs. Moore gave Jessie a piece of bristol

board, and with a small plate and pencil

marked a circle, on which she told her to

carefully arrange her leaves, with a point of

one covering the base of another, and all the

variety of color and shape possible. This

Jessie did very neatly, and the bright colors

showed off well on the white ground. Then

a small brush was wet in varnish and drawn

over the leaves, and Jessie had a beautiful

autumn wreath.

"I shall not feel half so badly now, mamma,

to see winter coming; I can look at this

and think of pleasant days, at least."

"Yes, my dear, and learn from this that

God makes everything for good, if we only

learn to see it."

 Child's World.

Christ Is Coming!.

How soon he will come we do not know,

but he is coming. The Bible says so, and it

must be true. Every year that passes brings

us nearer that great event. He will come

personally from Heaven, attended by all the

holy angels, much sooner than multitudes of

people expect. Search the Scriptures to

learn how he will come and what he is coming

for; and let us all watch, wait, and be ready

for his appearing.