Pray Every Moment


WE all might do good,

Whether lowly or great,

For the deed is not gauged

By the purse or estate:

If it be but a cup

Of cold water that's given,

Like the widow's two mites,

It is something for Heaven.

Pray every Minute.

"OH, dear! I would be a Christian if I only

knew how," and little Jessie threw herself 

impatiently upon my lap.

"What is the trouble, Jessie? You love

Jesus, don't you?"

"Yes, but I am always doing something


"Do you ask Jesus to help you?"

“Always, auntie."

"When do you ask him, my dear?"

"Every morning before I come down stairs.

But just as likely as not, even before breakfast

I get angry with Eddie, and then everything

goes wrong, and the whole day is


"Why Jessie, I am surprised that you would

let one little word upset the whole day. When

you see things going wrong, just stop and

ask Jesus to make them right for you."

"But, auntie, I can't always go to my room,

so I ask Jesus in the morning to take care of

me all day."

"Do you ask your mother in the morning

for all you may want during the day."

"No, but mother is ready to answer me at

any time."

"So is Jesus ever more willing than your

mother; for she is often busy and cannot attend

to you, but Jesus is always ready. And you

need not go to your room to ask him, but just

think a prayer in your mind, and he will answer


"Why, auntie, I can pray in school in that


"Certainly, Jessie, you can pray always

wherever you are. If you want to be faithful

to the Saviour, you must not only try to do

right, but ask him to help you every minute.''''—

Child's World.