The Grateful Tiger.

A TIGER had a live dog cruelly thrown into its

cage one day. Not being very hungry, the usually

fierce creature did not touch the trembling little

victim. This quietness gave the dog courage, and

he began to lick the tiger's eyes, which were


This act seemed pleasant to the wild beast, and

 the dog continued it from time to time, till the 

eyes of the .savage animal got well. The tiger 

from that time took his tiny, four-legged doctor 

under his patronage, looked upon him kindly, 

and allowed him to eat what he chose of the 

food thrown into his cage.

Henceforth they lived like bosom friends.

Thus you see that even a fierce tiger can be 

grateful for a little favor. How much more, then, 

should children learn to be grateful to their 

friends for the great favors they have received?

 When I see boys and girls unkind and insulting

 to their parents, who have done and suffered so

 much for them. I tell them the story of the tiger

 and dog, and say"Children, don't be less grateful

 to your kind parents than the tiger was to the

 little dog."

 Children's Friend.