OH! It makes me shiver to think of this

stern month. But how is it with the children?

Are you all glad of an opportunity

to try your new sleds, skates, mittens, and

mufflers? Does it make your eyes sparkle

to see the great snow-flakes falling, thick

and fast? Do you admire the beautiful frost-work

on the windows?

In your haste to get to the skating pond,

do not forget to close the door after you.

See that the chores are done, boys; for it will

be very unpleasant for mother to bring in

wood and water these blustering days.

 Remember that horses, sheep, and cattle, need

extra care. Do not neglect anything; for

your play will not bring you real enjoyment

if you do. "Work before play" is a good


There are many children quite destitute

to-day who, a year ago, had not only comforts,

but luxuries. By the destructive fires,

several of the western cities and villages,

with Chicago, have been laid waste. It will

seem strange enough to those who have always

had every earthly desire granted them,

to go half fed and half clad. The delicate

hands that have every winter been provided

with fur gloves, or soft, warm mittens, with

nothing to do --but play or go to school, may

now be pinched and blue with cold, and 

calloused with hard work. Many have learned

for themselves that riches do take to themselves

wings and fly away. How uncertain

are the things of this world! Even one day

may make beggars of the wealthy, may lay

a proud city in ashes, and bring poverty and

suffering of almost every description.

This earth is not the place to lay up treasures.

We may use the things of this

world to help us prepare for the next; but

sad, indeed, is the condition of that one

whose affections are centered here. No

devastating fires shall ever visit the heavenly

Canaan. That is the land for me. I cannot

make my abiding place where my comforts

may all be swept away in an hour. The

world is now under the dominion of one, the

arch-deceiver, who would fain deprive us of

the joys in store for the faithful; but when

He shall come, "whose right it is," those

whose hearts are in harmony with him will

find sweet release from toils, and cares, and

fading vanities, of the present life. The

Saviour has left these words on record for

you and me: " Provide yourselves bags which

wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that

faileth not,  “where no thief" approacheth,

neither moth corrupteth. “For where your

treasure is, there will your heart be also."

IF thou hast but little, make it not less by

murmuring. If thou hast enough, make it

a blessing.