Save The Children

Lord, Save the Children

LORD, save the children! Said a pious man 

who was engaged in prayer at a revival


Lord, save the children! And he repeated the

petition a third time, Lord, save the children!!!

He was the father of two lovely children, a son

and a daughter, who were both present. His

prayer awakened many a hearty response, for as

often as he cried out, Lord, save the children, a

host of devout worshipers said, Amen.

Several persons were sincerely seeking 

salvation at the time, and special prayer was

 offered to God in their behalf. The prayer of faith

 prevailed, and tears of grief gave place to joy 

and gladness. On looking round, two dear 

children were found on their knees, overwhelmed

 with grief, and crying for pardon. They were the

 children of that excellent man who had but a

 few minutes before so emphatically prayed, 


 save the children!"

With a burdened heart, the boy came up to the

penitents' form, and threw himself down before

God, imploring mercy. He was evidently sincere.

His little heart completely throbbed with grief,

 and refused to be comforted until assured of 


Our sympathies were excited, tears flowed 

apace, and many a devout heart said, Lord, save

 the child. The feeling parent was at hand, be 

knelt behind his penitent son, but whether the

 father or the child felt most it was difficult to 

tell. For a time we appeared to make no 

progress; sobs and sighs were all that could be

 heard. At length an affectionate voice fell on his

 ear, saying, "My dear boy, do you love Jesus ?"

 "Yes," said he, "I do." "Are you sure of it?" 

"Yes." "And do you believe his word?" "Yes." 

"Well, Jesus Christ says, I love them that love 

me. Do you believe that?" "Yes," 

said he again, "Yes, I do." "Well, then, if you love

 Jesus, and Jesus Christ loves you, you must be

 saved. Oh, how sweet it is to love Jesus!" "It 

is," said he. "Then you do love him, and can

 rejoice in him?" "Yes,"

 said he again, "I do!"

Scarcely had the last word escaped his lips

 when a little girl came up to the same form, and

 threw herself down at his side; it was his sister,

 his only sister. He appeared quite unconscious

 that she was there, and no doubt she was too

 much occupied with the state of her own heart 

to think about him; but the father saw them both,

 with feelings which may be conceived, but 

which no pen can describe. He tried to pray, but

 was too much affected to proceed. But though

 utterance was denied the parent, others 

wrestled with God and prevailed. Questions 

similar to the above gave that dear little girl to

 comprehend the simple plan of salvation, whilst

 the Spirit applied the blood of Christ to her 

heart, and she was thus enabled to believe to

 the saving of her soul. Truly, out of the mouths

 of babes and sucklings God has perfected


Bro. M., and his little ones rejoiced together.

His prayer "Lord, save the children" was 

answered. God magnified his mercy in their 

experience that very night. They were both 

saved; and the praying father took home his 

"new-born babes" to their mother with a grateful

 heart. She knew how to appreciate the 

blessings they had received, and joyfully 

pressed them to her bosom as Heirs of the same

 inheritance, "

With mutual blessings crowned.

Is not this a proof that we have to do with a

faithful, covenant-keeping God? He has promised

his blessings not only to his servants, but to 

their seed, and not one jot or tittle of his word 

can fail. A thousand examples might be cited to

 verify the truthfulness of Jehovah's promises, 

and here we have another instance that they 

have been fulfilled before our eyes.

What an encouragement is this for Christian

parents to seek the salvation of their children!

They are capable of receiving the grace of God in

very early life. It is a great mistake for a parent

to suppose that his sons or daughters cannot be

saved until they arrive at years of maturity. They

may be saved in childhood! And their conversion

would be much more easily effected at such

a tender age than if deferred to after-life. Then

why are not a greater number of children


Perhaps our Lord's remarks will answer that

question, so far as many professedly Christian

 parents are concerned, "Ye have not, because 

ye ask not, or ye ask and receive not because 

ye ask amiss." 

New Connection Magazine.

God Is Here I

KNEEL my child for God is here I

Bend in love but not in fear;

Kneel before him now in prayer;

Thank him for his constant care;

Praise him for his bounties shed

Every moment on thy head;

Ask for light to know his will;

Ask for love thy heart to fill;

Ask for faith to bear thee on,

Through the might of Christ, his Son:

Ask his Spirit still to guide thee

Through the ills that may betide thee;

Ask for peace to lull to rest

Every tumult of thy breast;

Ask in awe but not in fear;

Kneel, my child, for God is here.