HOW strong is God, papa?" asked Willie Dale, "strong as a giant?" 

"Who made giants?" said his father.

"Why, God, of course," answered Willie.

"Then will not God be stronger than the men he makes?" asked papa.

"Yes, sir. But, then, how strong is God?"

"Stronger than all men put together," said Mr. Dale; "stronger than all angels and devils; strong enough to dash all the worlds and every living thing to pieces in a moment."

"I'm afraid of him," said Willie, nestling to his father's side.

"You need not be, dear. He is strong enough to keep you safe."

"But I am a naughty boy sometimes," said Willie.

"Well, God loves you, and he is strong enough to make you a good boy. Ask him to take you for his own. Let him help you to be good; and then God will be on your side." 

Little Folks.