Little Trot-foot.

I HEARD some little girls talking under the pear

 tree, and one was telling the others, "I help


I run up stairs for her, and go on her errands. I

do every thing she asks me, and more too, 

because I do what I think she will ask me; and I 

fetch my pa's boots, and get his slippers, and 

place his armchair for him. I find his 

handkerchief and his hat, for my pa don't always

 remember where he puts things; and he calls me

 such a funny name," said the little girl, with a 

little cheery laugh.

"What?" asked the little girls, listening.

"Trot-foot little Trot-foot," said she.

How useful these sweet, obliging little Trot-foots


Child's Paper.