A WRITER says: "In a small town many years ago, some children were met for a social evening at an old farm-house. While the sport was at its height, a little boy thought it would be 'funny' to draw a chair out from under a little girl, and let her sit down on the floor. He watched his opportunity, and made the attempt; but the little girl, seeing what he was doing, jumped back into the chair, and, striking her spine on one of its projections, broke her back. For seven years, from fourteen to twenty-one, she lay upon her bed, and during all that time was carried from her chamber to the parlor but once. Thirty years have passed; thirty years of disability and pain as the consequence of a thoughtless deed by a little boy. A few strangers minister to her daily wants, without whose aid she would be sent to the poorhouse. Terrible consequences to follow a thoughtless act! Let boys be careful."

We know a similar case, where a young girl on her way home, was stoned by some rude boys. One of the stones struck her ankle; an open sore was formed, which the physicians could not heal, and all her life (and she was an old lady when we knew her) she was compelled to use a crutch.