"How is it that you always manage to get to Sabbath-school early?" asked one lad of another. "I am almost always late; nine o'clock comes so quick on Sabbath morning."

"I always plan to come," said the other. 

"I put the shine on my boots on the day before; I have my books all laid together where I can put my hand on them; after breakfast I change my clothes, and start for Sabbath-school, always planning to get there at least fifteen minutes before the time appointed."

Nearly every boy and girl could be in season if they would only do as Willie did earnestly 

"plan to come."

Think over on the preparation day just what you need to do in order to get ready; lay out your clothing, and see that all is in order. It is very sinful to take God's holy day to make small repairs that have been forgotten through the week. Remember the verse that says, "Thy commandment is exceeding broad." God requires us to not even think our own thoughts upon his day.

So let the six days' work be all done when its hours are over; and when once you get into this habit of "planning" beforehand, you will find it very easy and pleasant. If you begin the week right, you will be likely to end it right.

 Child's World.