Mother Never Tells Lies


A few ladies had met at the house of a friend, in

the city of St. Louis, for an evening visit, when

 the following scene and conversation occurred:

The child of one of the ladies, about five years

old. was guilty of rude, noisy conduct, very 

improper on all occasions, and particularly so 

at a stranger's house. The mother kindly

 reproved her, saying,

"Sarah, you must not do so."

The child soon forgot the reproof, and became

as noisy as ever. The mother then said,

"Sarah, if you do so again, I will punish you."

But not long after Sarah did so again. When

the company were about to separate the mother

stepped into a neighbor's house intending to

 return for her child. During her absence the

 thought of going home recalled to the mind of

 Sarah the punishment, which her mother told

 her she might expect.

The recollection turned her rudeness and

thoughtlessness into sorrow. A young lady 

present observing it, and learning the cause, in 

order to pacify her, said;

"Never mind, I will ask your mother not to

whip you."

"O,'' said Sarah. "that will do no good 

my mother never tells a lie .'"

The writer who communicated the above to the

St. Louis "Observer" says:

"I learned a lesson from the reply of that child

which I shall never forget. It is worth everything

in the training of a child, to make it feel that its

mother never tells lies."___