Died For Me


A LITTLE child sat quietly upon its mother's

lap. Its soft blue eyes were looking earnestly

into the face which was beaming with love and

tenderness for the cherished darling. The 

maternal lips were busy with a story. The tones

of the voice were low and serious, for the tale

was one of mingled sadness and joy. Sometimes

they scarcely rose above a whisper, but the 

listening babe caught every sound. The crimson

deepened on its little cheek as the story went

 on,  increasing in interest. Tears gathered in its

earnest eyes, and a low sob broke the stillness,

as its mother concluded. A moment and the

lips parted, and in tones made tremulous by

wondering words "The child inquired.

-Did He die for me?

"Yes, my child, for you for all."

"May I love him always, mamma, and dearly, too?”

Yes, my darling, it was to win your love

that he left his bright and beautiful home."

"And he will love me, mamma, I know he

will. He died for me. Where may I see him

in his other home!"


The Bible A Guide.

THE Word of God, as a means of safety to the  

young, is the great infallible Guide “Wherewith

shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking   

heed thereto according to thy word." 

This will be a "light to your feet and a lamp to 

your path." Here we have unfolded to us the

character of God, and the duty of man; here

we have laid open to us our own hearts, with so

much accuracy that he who has made any 

advances in self-knowledge, must admit the

 portraiture to be faithfully drawn; here we have

delineated, as or a map, the paths which lead

to heaven and hell, and are shown in which of

these paths we are traveling; are shown, indeed,

what we are, what we have been, and shall

be hereafter, Here we have a sure directory

to guide us through all the mazes of this life, a

sovereign arbiter to which we may repair when

questions of duty arise. Here are the most 

glorious examples to animate young men; who

resisted temptation, and won the crown of

victory. Of Joseph, who, without a moment's of

 his hesitation, replied to the insidious tempter,

“How can I do this great wickedness, and sin

against God?" Of Daniel, who, with a world

in arms against him, prayed three times a day,

with his face toward Jerusalem; and of a greater

than all, who overcame the adversary by

weapons drawn from, the armory of heaven,

“Get thee behind me, Satan; for it is written,

thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him

only shalt thou serve."



GREAT peace have they who love thy law,

And nothing shall offend;

They from the ceaseless fountain draw

Pure joys that never end.

Although the dragon's wrath is poured

On those who preach the end,

Yet ever will they trust their Lord,

On him for help depend.

He never turns his saints away,

When for his grace they plead;

The darkest night he turns to day,

And well supplies their need.

God's holy law, 0 may I love.

His precepts all obey,

That when he comes in clouds above,

To reign in endless day,

I may with all the blood-washed throng,

In Paradise restored,

Forever join in holy song .

To our triumphant Lord. 

E. C. P.