The Three Boys In The Union Army.

WHEN the 44th Indiana regiment was being

organized at Ft. Wayne, Indiana, in 1861,

three boys between the ages of twelve and

sixteen years desired to become members of

the regiment. Whether they were permitted

to enlist at that time or not I do not

now remember. But when the regiment

was mustered into the State's service, they

were rejected on account of their youth and

size. The officer thought they were too

young to endure the hardships incident to

camp life. But the young heroes were not

discouraged at this. They left their homes

with the intention of serving "Uncle Sam,"

and were determined to do so, even if he

would promise them no pay for it, rather

than go home and be laughed at for their

failure. So they went along as chore boys.

When the regiment was sworn into the

United States' service, they were, I believe,

all rejected again for the same reasons as

before. Their minds were made up to go,

and go they would if the regimental officers

would permit them. They were permitted

to go. They participated in the battle of

Ft. Donaldson and there conducted themselves

so heroically that they were, soon

after the battle, permitted to enlist, and

their enlistment dated back to the time

when the regiment was mustered into the

State's service, and received pay for the

time they had been with the regiment.

They proved to be good soldiers, enduring

the fatigue and hardships of long and

weary marches through the Southern States

better than many much older than they.

They lived to see the end of the war and

were permitted to return to their friends in


Now my little readers who are trying to

keep the commandments of God and the

faith of Jesus, do you see anything in this

story that teaches you a useful lesson? Let

us see: These three boys in the Union

army may represent some of you in the

army of the Lord. They were at first

thought too young to be good soldiers.

This perhaps is the case with some of you.

Perhaps your parents, guardians, or the

church, may think you are too young to become

a soldier in the army of the Lord.

But do not be discouraged. Do as the boys

did go right along with the army, and by

noble deeds prove your moral worth, and

they will receive you and perhaps date your

enlistment back too. If they do not, the

Lord, the commander of the army, will.

The admission of the three boys into the

army depended upon their bravery in the

time of actual conflict with the enemy. So

does yours. When Satan, the enemy of all

mankind, gathers his legions of evil spirits

against God's few faithful ones, then is the

time for you to prove that you have a right

to belong to the army.

These boys in their wearisome march had

to keep up with the army, else the enemy

would pick them up and make them prisoners

of war. Just so it is with you while

marching through life. Satan is ever ready

to pick up stragglers; and not only this,

but he will, if possible, instill into your

minds a spirit of straggling which will at

last lead you to ruin.

May God preserve you as he did the three

boys in the Union army.


Bath, Michigan.