HOW many of our young readers know what a magnet is? For the benefit of any who may not, we will say that a natural magnet, or loadstone, is a piece of iron ore which has the wonderful property of attracting iron to itself. An artificial magnet is a piece of iron or steel, which has been rubbed against the magnetic ore until it has a similar power of attraction. You may have seen a magnet in the form of a horseshoe or a bar or pencil of iron; and perhaps you have made use of one in attracting pieces of iron or steel. No doubt many of the children have amused themselves in fishing with a magnet. Little toy fishes are made with a bit of iron at the nose; by placing them in a vessel of water and pointing a magnet a little distance from the nose, they can be attracted all over the surface of the water. 

There are some persons who possess the power, magnet-like, to attract others toward themselves. It requires great effort sometimes to resist their influence. If it was only the good who possess this power, individuals and society would be greatly benefited; but unfortunately, the wicked possess it very largely, and delight themselves in drawing the innocent and pure into the downward road to ruin.

It often happens that children of good parents and good home training, at school or elsewhere come under the baneful influence of vicious associates, and being easily persuaded, swerve little by little from the right, until they acquire habits which eventually lead them to the State's Prison or the gallows.  From every side, powerful magnets are pointed toward you, dear reader, and your only safety is in utterly resisting every evil influence. No matter how smooth-tongued the tempter may be, nor how pleasantly he may approach you, be influenced only by purity, truthfulness, and right.

When the influence exerted is only for purposes of good, wonderful results frequently follow. Men and women are converted, and sometimes even little children bring their parents and associates to accept of Christ and be saved.

Christ himself is the most wonderful magnet. "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." 

Acquaint yourselves with his life and character and you will be astonished that any can resist his efforts to draw the human family to himself.

There is great attractive power in his teachings, and since his ascension to Heaven he is constantly striving by his Holy Spirit with the hearts of men, urging all to look to him and be saved. He pleads with the Father to spare them until every effort has been made to attract them heavenward. 

Oh! May none of us resist his efforts to save us; and may we be of the number who shall be invited up higher, to dwell with him forever. 

M. J. C.