MRS. NORRIS sat by the beautiful window one Sabbath morning, explaining the lesson for the day to her two little ones.

"I don't believe I know just what overcoming means, mamma," said flaxen-haired Gracie. 

"Well," said her mother, after a moment's thought, "just suppose that Willie had done something to vex you, and you felt like speaking cross to him, but should keep back your angry feelings, and take no notice of his offense, that would be overcoming. Do you understand now?"

"Yes'm, I think so," said the little one brightly.

Not many days after, as Mrs. Norris was sitting sewing, she heard a great outcry, and Willie came running to her with a pitiful story of how "Gracie had struck him real hard."

"Why, Gracie, did you strike your little brother?" said her mother. "I thought you were the little girl who was to overcome."

"I forgot all about it," said Gracie 

"But I'm real sorry, and I won't do it again, because I can overcome if I try."

Ah, confident little Gracie, look out! It is not as easy as you imagine to overcome. You will have to keep on trying. "He that ruleth his spirit is greater than he that taketh a city," you know.

A short time had passed away when another noise was heard, and again Willie flew to mamma for refuge.

"Gracie pushed me down," he sobbed. This time Mrs. Norris said nothing to her little daughter, but oh, such a reproachful look as she gave her! It was worse than any reproof could have been, and went right to Gracie's heart. Her little arms were soon thrown around Willie's neck, and fond words were spoken to heal the wound.

"I love you, Willie," she said; "I'll ask Jesus this time to help me overcome, and then I guess I shall."

The little petition that went up from mamma's knee was worded thus: "Dear Jesus, won't you please help me to overcome, and help Willie too, and everybody. Amen."

I doubt not that Gracie has had many trials of her patience since then, for Willie is a little tease sometimes, like all other wide-awake, fun-loving boys; but let us hope that she has tried hard to overcome. 

Young Pilgrim.