The Heroic Servant

SOME years ago, a nobleman and his lady

were traveling in Russia, attended by a very

trusty servant, who had been in that country

before. At a certain stage where they stopped

to change their four horses, the keeper of the

inn and the man-servant entreated the nobleman

to remain there for the night, informing

him that the district of country on which they

were about to enter was very dangerous, on account

of the numerous wolves with which it

was infested; but he was so anxious to reach

his destination that he determined to proceed.

For a while all was well; but, as the gloom

of evening deepened, a fierce howl was heard

"Master!" exclaimed the servant, "yonder are

a number of wolves coming towards us, fire

the pistol."

This was done, and for a moment the animals

were arrested; but on they came again.

"Give them one of the horses."

It was soon loosed and left; for a short time

the wolves were occupied in tearing it to

pieces and devouring it, while the travelers

hurried on.

But the fearful howl was again heard, and

another horse was left, which again delayed them.

"Master," said the servant, "there is only

one more chance for you: when they appear

gain, I will throw myself into their midst and

engage them, while you and your lady escape

for your lives."

The nobleman earnestly objected; but the

wolves again were near, and the man leaped,

pistol in hand, among them.

The travelers reached the next town in safety.

At daybreak the nobleman returned to

the spot; a few rags and bones told the sad tale

He erected a pillar with this verse inscribed on

it: "Greater love hath no man than

this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Earthly love can go no higher; but turn

YOUR eyes to Jesus, pouring out his blood, not

for his friends, but for his enemies, and in the

agonies of death praying for his murderers.

S. S. Times.