New-Year's Gift To Father.

BEFORE the library fire, almost hidden

in the great arm-chair, Arthur Lee sat

thinking on the last day of the old year,

now near at hand, wondering what New-

Year's gift he should purchase for his father.

He could hardly decide what, so he thought

he would consult his sister.

It had begun to grow dark when he spoke

to his sister Bessie about it. After thinking

a short time, she turned to her brother

and asked, "Do you remember, Arthur,

what father broke a few nights ago?"

Arthur thought for a moment, and then


"You mean the paper-cutter, and I can

buy him a new one. I will run out and

buy him one now before the shops close.

It will take but a few minutes, sister."

Arthur returned with a paper-cutter which

he knew would suit his father exactly, although

it was neither elegantly carved, nor

mounted with a deer's hoof, like some Arthur

had seen in the shop. After having

rolled it up carefully, and then unrolled it

again, to try how it would cut and see how

it looked, the paper-cutter was at last hidden,

so that their father should not see it

till New-Year's day.

"Tell me, Arthur, why you are so anxious

to give father a New-Year's gift?"

said Bessie.

"What a question, sister! I am sure it

would be very strange if I should not wish

to do so, after all his kindness to me. I

want to show my love in some way, and has

he not done more for me during the year

than any one else?"

"Not more than any one else; for though

father has been very kind to us during the

year, there is One who deserves more of our

love than even he One who has kept us in

health throughout the year, when so many

have been laid in the grave One who has

bestowed upon us the choicest of blessings,

and, to crown all other gifts, has offered us

at the last, a glorious home in the kingdom

of Heaven. Can my brother, when thinking

of all this, rest peaceably this last month

of the old year with no gift for his Heavenly


There was silence for a moment, and then

Arthur said, "Yes, I know God has done

more for me than any one else; but what

is there, sister, for me to give God, when

everything in the world belongs to him?"

Bessie did not speak, but taking a Bible

from the table, found a verse, and Arthur,

bending over, read:

"Son, give me thine heart."

It was not the first time Arthur had seen

those words; but never had they impressed

him as they did now, when he thought of

his happy home, loving friends, the many

joys of the year that had nearly passed, and

then of how little he had done for God, who

had done so much for him.

Alone one night, soon after this, Arthur,

kneeling, offered a sinful, erring heart to

his Heavenly Father, but gave it in childlike

faith and love, knowing that it would

be made pure in the precious Saviour's blood,

and in his strength resolving to lead a new

life through the new year.

And, dear reader, have you no gift for

him who has done so much for you? No

gift, as the new year commences, for him

who, to crown all other blessings, offers

"the gift "of " eternal life through Jesus

Christ our Lord," and in return for all, asks

only, "Give me thine heart"? It is not

much to offer, only a sinful, erring heart.

Will you make this your New-Year's gift

to your Heavenly Father? 

Youth's Visitor.