New Year's Day.

A LITTLE girl awoke one New Year's

morning, and said, "I shall be happy today;

I shall; I know I shall!" She was so positive

about it that her cousins were quite anxious to

know why she was so sure. After breakfast,

a little box came, containing a pearl necklace

for her, from her rich grandpa. Rosa had had

a hint of this before, and that was the secret

of her being so positive. She was fairly wild

with excitement, as she shouted, "Oh! oh!

oh!" and capered about the room. She

showed it to several of the school-girls; but they

did not praise it as she expected they would.

This displeased her, and she was ill-humored

the remainder of the day. In the afternoon,

I found her sitting on the table before the

looking-glass, twisting the necklace over her

ears. "Oh!" she exclaimed with a sigh of

discontent, "I don't think much of this, after

all. I would rather have something else."

That was Rosa's experience. She had been

excited, but not satisfied. And why not,

think you? Because that which begins and

ends in self cannot make people really satisfied.

Now for another case, which was told me by

a lady: Her little servant-girl came to her,

saying, "Please, miss, may I go and pick some

barberries today?" "Yes," answered the

lady, "you may go; but it is very warm, and

they are a long way off; and then, what do

you mean to do with them?" "I want to

sell them for some yarn to knit my grandma a

pair of stockings for New Year's," she answered.

The day was sultry, the walk long, and

Sally had a hard time; but no matter; she

exchanged the berries for yarn at a neighboring

grocer's. Her mistress set up the stockings,

and she was going to spend all her spare

moments in knitting. And knit, knit, knit,

she did; with a diligence that was quite 

surprising to see. Her mistress prophesied she

would not hold out; but in that, she was

 mistaken; for by New Year's day, they were

done, and stout and warm they were. When

New Year's came, Sally had permission to

carry them to her grandmother. "She's a

happy child," said her mistress, as she saw

her start off with the mysterious little bundle

in her arms. Her cheeks glowed, and her eyes

sparkled with delight when she returned.

"Oh! Miss," she said, "grandma didn't believe

at first that I knit 'em; but when she

did, she said, 'Lord, bless the child.' I've

had the best New Year's that ever was; and

now I want to begin another pair."

This was Sally's experience; and can you

doubt that it was a happy one ? Here was a

three months' work, and the delight she took

in it, ran like a little golden thread through

her life, day by day. The greatest happiness

is found in benevolent actions in doing for

others. Try it, and see.

 Flowers of Spring-time.