THERE was a man who, not believing there was any God, had a card printed with these words, "God is nowhere," and hung it up IN his office. He had a little niece who loved Jesus and was happy all the time. One day she visited her uncle's office. After playing a long time with everything she could find within her reach to interest her, she began to look around on the walls, and her eye fell on the card. 

Having just begun to read writing, the letters were not so familiar to her but that she had to spell out anything that was written. So she began to spell out aloud, G-o-d God, i-s is, n-o-w-h-e-r-e nowhere. She could not understand it, and looking down on the floor, repeated the words. She thought she must be mistaken. Then she commenced again, so loud that her uncle, who sat at the desk, heard her, G-o-d God, 

i-s is, n-o-w now, h-e-r-e here. 

"That's right," she exclaimed, looking round at her uncle. The arrow had struck home. Her uncle became a changed man. 

He believed in the true God, and sought and found forgiveness of sin through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

IN English there are ten sorts of words, which are all found in the following short sentence: "I now see the good man coming; but alas, he walks with difficulty."