WHEN the French poet Moliere once gave a beggar a gold-piece by mistake, the mendicant would not accept it. "You have made a mistake, sir," he said.

"Well, keep it, my friend, and add this to it," exclaimed Moliere, giving him a piece of silver as well.

"Where will virtue at last hide itself?" he exclaimed to a friend who was a witness of this action.

A similar circumstance occurred at the court of a German prince. The prince, who was very fond of music, was entreated by a widow to give her some assistance, as her late husband, a musician, left her nothing, having been unfortunate in his profession.

The prince listened to the widow's request, as she appeared, accompanied by her daughter. Tears on their pale cheeks confirmed her words.

"How much do you want, my good woman?"

The widow hesitated, but at last she said, "Five thalers would save us."

The prince hastily wrote a few lines on a piece of paper and gave it to the widow, with the words, "Take that to my pay-master."

With feelings of deepest gratitude, the happy pair hastened to the pay-master without reading the note. The official cast a glance over the paper, and at once counted out fifty thalers on the table.

"Take this," he said, "and sign your name here under this receipt."

The widow was amazed when she saw so much money. "Sir, there is a mistake here," she said; "you say I am to take fifty thalers; I can't do so, I have asked for only five."

The pay-master shook his head and pointed the widow to the prince's note, where it was plainly written fifty thalers.

"It's a mistake, indeed," said the widow.

The pay-master asked her to wait a few minutes while he went to the prince that he might settle the matter.

A glance at the note, and the words," Yes, I have made a mistake. I have written fifty instead of five. Were I richer I would put another cipher and make it five hundred.

But give the good woman one hundred thalers at once, for such honesty is poorly rewarded with even that sum."

The pay-master obeyed his direction with great joy. Two hearts beat with deep gratitude for this kindness with the one hundred thalers mother and daughter were able to set up a little business, which soon increased, for Heaven's blessing rested on the money.