"COUSIN HAL," said little Lou Towers, "Christians are different from other people; don't you think so?"

"Why, yes; of course they are, or ought to be. What made you ask?”

"Because Lucy Smith said at school the other day that there was no use in being a Christian, for those that she knew were no better than other people."

"Can't you show her that there is something real, something different, in being a Christian, Lou?"

"I'm only a little girl, cousin Hal."

"Yes, darling; but I am sure that there must be some way for little girls, even, to show their love for Jesus."

Lou began from that time to be very careful about what she said and did, and she asked God to fill her heart with love to everybody, even to those who were unkind to her.

Not long after this, Lucy Smith came to her one day at recess, and whispered, 

"Dear Lou, I want to take back all I said about Christians. I've been watching you, and you are so kind to that disagreeable Sue Nolan, though she does all she can to vex you, that I am sure Jesus helps you. After all, Lou, I would like very much to be a Christian."