The Beggar Boy And The Flowers.

"Go away, you beggar boy! You've no

right to be looking at our flowers!" shouted

a little fellow from the garden where he

was standing.

The poor boy's face reddened with anger

at the rude language, and he was about to

answer defiantly, when a little girl sprang

out from an arbor near, and looking at

both, said to her brother:

"How could you speak so, Herbert?

I'm sure his looking at the flowers won't

hurt us."

And then, to soothe the wounded feelings

of the stranger, she said:

"Little boy, I'll pick you some flowers if

you will wait a moment;" and she immediately

gathered a pretty nosegay, and

handed it through the railing. His face

brightened with surprise and pleasure, as he

earnestly thanked her.

Twelve years after this, the girl had

grown to be a woman. One bright afternoon,

she was walking with her husband

in the garden, when she noticed a young

man in a workman's dress, leaning against

the railing, and looking attentively at her

and at the flowers. Approaching him she


"Are you fond of flowers, sir? It will

give me great pleasure to gather you some."

"The young workman looked into her

fair face, and then said:

"Twelve years ago, I stood here a ragged

beggar boy, and you showed me the same

kindness. The bright flowers and your

pleasant words made a new boy of me; ah!

they made a man of me, too. Your face,

madam, has been a light to me in many

dark hours of my life; and now, thank

God, though that boy is still a humble, 

hardworking man, he is an honest 

and a grateful one."

Tears stood in the eyes of the lady as,

turning to her husband, she said:

"God put it in my young heart to do that

little kindness, and see what a great reward

it has brought!" 

Young Pilgrim.

Do but the half of what you can, and you

will be surprised at the result of your effort.