SUNSHINE is good for health.  The flowers are all the brighter for it, and fruits ripen because of it. It brings warmth and light and life. How gloomy it must be to live in the distant northern regions where there is no sun to be seen for six months! But, on the other hand, how bright and beautiful it must be there when the sun shines for the next six months! So if there is a long night, there is sure to be a long day to follow.

It is well to get all the sunshine you can. Even in the hottest days of summer, the sunshine is good because it makes the grain grow, and ripens vegetables and fruits- 

What a blessing it is, giving light, and color, and brightness to everything. The sun is a wonderful painter. In the dark night every object looks black; but when the sun rises he touches the earth with his bright beams, as a painter touches the canvas with his brush, and see how quickly and how beautifully the colors come.

Sunshine in the face is also very beautiful. This can come only from a sunshiny heart. 

We like to see boys and girls with bright, sunny faces, looking as if they felt happy. 

It is not pleasant to see a child with a dark frown like a cloud on its face. We have seen such children, who would make a warm room seem chilly. Ugh! How everybody shivers when they come near. They are so cross, ill-natured, selfish, and gloomy that nobody is pleased with them. On the other hand, there are children whose faces are always smiling and bright, and they make every one happy who sees them.

Remember, then, to have the heart full of light, and joy, and peace, and the face will be sure to show it. If the blessed Saviour dwells in the heart, he will surely bring the sunshine, and not only our faces, but our daily lives, will show it. It will be seen in our treatment of parents, and brothers and sisters, and friends. Keep in the sunshine! 

S. S. Advocate.

How beautiful is God's truth! 

How Rich are the treasures of his thoughts! 

How straight the ways of his law!

How glorious the end of those 

Who delight in.