Cross Looks

“What are you doing, Esther and Ruth so close to the river’s brink?”  “It is mamma’s birthday,” said Esther.  “I have come with my basket to gather water lilies.”

  “So have I,” said Ruth.  “I will climb the high rock and reach them with my arm.”

“Nonsense, Ruth! The rock is too steep and you arm is too short, for such a task.  You will fall over. Run back darling and get some wild flowers from under the trees; mamma will like them."

"No, no! " said Ruth, who wished her own way. She shook her head, and looked down into the water with a frown. "What cross little girl is that?" she cried.

"Why, Ruth, it is your own shadow." Then Ruth got up and ran away.

"I won't have such a cross shadow," she said.

"Then you must not feel cross, my darling. Your soul will be sure to cast a shadow on your face."