God's Footprints.


A FRENCH infidel intending to cross the Great

  Desert of Sahara, employed as his guide and

  companion a poor Arab. This Arab  

  seven times a day, let what

obstacles might intervene, he put them all aside,

and devoutly kneeling on the burning sands, 

offered up his prayers to the God in whom he 

had been taught to believe. Day after day the

 Frenchman saw it with contemptuous pity for

 what he deemed the infatuation of the poor man,

 and at last he sneeringly said to him, "Why do 

you offer prayers to a being you never have 

seen? How do you even know that there is a 

God at all?"

The Arab was at first too much astonished to

speak, but presently, fixing his keen eye upon

 the scoffer, he said reprovingly, "How do I know

 there is a God? How did I know that a man 

instead of a camel passed us last night while 

we slept? Did I not know by his footprints in the

 sand? Even so," and he pointed as he spoke to

 the sun that rode in meridian splendor above

 their heads even so that is the footprint, not 

of a mortal, but of Deity himself!"