I’m ‘Fraid

How often we hear little children when told to

do something in the evening, say, I'm 'fraid. 

Many are so fearful that they dare not go up 

stairs or down cellar in the night. And I have

 heard of some who were so timid that all the

 gold in California would not tempt them to go

 into a strange room alone in the night. This is a

 very silly habit, and those who have got it 

should try very hard to get rid of it. There is no 

use in being scared at every little trifling thing,

 and it is a curious fact that good children are

 seldom of this kind. Here is a little conversation

 said to have taken place between some little 

folks about being afraid:

"Are you not afraid sissy, to go to bed in the

dark?" one of the children asked little Emma

Gray. "I no 'fraid," answered the little child,

shaking her head, "I no 'fraid. God takes care of

sissy and he's bigger than dark. In dark night

papa sleep, mama sleep, all sleep; God take care

of sissy all night; he never sleep."

"But God has so many people to take care of,

may be he will forget sissy."

The child shook her head, "God made sissy

God never forget sissy; sissy forget God, but God

not forget sissy."

"Will sissy forget God?" "Sissy sometimes

not think of God; then she think, then she look up

in the sky and try to see God."

"And does sissy see God?" "See God?" she

asked, "See God? God here," she said, putting

her little hand to her heart, "God in the sky, and

God here; sissy loves God and sissy don't want

 to be naughty."

Oh yes, this is the way to get rid of being afraid.

It is to be good. "The wicked flee when no man

pursueth, but the righteous are as bold as a 


Children give your hearts to God. Love him and

do his will and the fear of death and every evil

will be removed far from you. 

G. W. A.