A FARMER who for several years took the first prize for potatoes was asked one day the reason why his potatoes were so much better than his 'neighbors'.

"There is no magic about it," he said. 

"Thorough ploughing or digging of the soil, a careful choice of seed, a frequent stirring of the surface, and every weed pulled up, these are the secrets of success."

And these are the secrets of success in spiritual husbandry. The soil of the heart must be carefully prepared, the best seeds of truth planted in it; there must be frequent stirrings and quickenings, and every weed pulled out. This will make a character to be prized. Youth is a good time to prepare the heart for the good seed of the word. 

Child's World.



 WE have a new dog at our house that is more kind and neat than some boys I  know. Sometimes Sam runs in from play with his muddy boots, and leaves tracks all over the kitchen oil-cloth which poor  tired Susan has just washed.

The dog has learned to wipe his paws on the door mat. When he sees how careless Sam is, he goes from one foot-print to the other, barking at each one, and looking up at Sam as if to say, "Why can't you be as neat as a dog, and as careful to save hard work for a poor girl?" Doggie barks very loud, as if scolding, when Sam throws his cap, coat, and gloves on a sofa or chair; and the little fellow begins to know what  the dog means, for when he hears the loud "Bow wow," he runs and hangs up his cap.


WE can lie without saying a word. If a man sells me a basket of apples that has the good ones all on top, and bad ones underneath, he lies to me. He says by his acts that all the apples are as good as those I can see. I do not know that the man lies, until I empty the basket, but God knows it all the time. A boy lies if he makes believe he has learned his lesson when he has not learned it. There are a great many modes of lying. We lie to God when we make good prayers and do bad acts, but lies are all wrong, because God has forbidden them. 

Apples of Gold.

WHATEVER work you have in hand, 

At home or at your school,

Do your best with right good-will; 

This is a golden rule.