A BOY borrowed a tool from a carpenter, promising to return it at night. Before evening, he was sent away on an errand, and did not return until late. Before he went, he was told that his brother would see the article returned.

After he had come home and gone to bed, he inquired, and found that the tool had not been sent to its owner. He was much distressed to think his promise had not been kept, but was persuaded to go to sleep, and rise early and carry it home the next morning.

By daylight he was up, but nowhere was the tool to be found. After a long and fruitless search, he set off for his neighbor's in great distress, to acknowledge his fault. But how great was his surprise to find the tool on his neighbor's door-stone ! 

And then it appeared from the print of his little bare feet in the mud, that the lad had got up in his sleep and carried the tool home, and gone to bed again, without knowing it.

Of course a boy who was prompt in his sleep was prompt when awake. He lived respected, had the confidence of his neighbors, and was placed in many offices of trust and profit.  If all grown people felt as this boy did, there would be a good many tracks of Bare feet found some of these bright mornings; and what piles of tools and books would be found lying at their owners' doors! 



LAY down as a foundation rule, that you will "be faithful in that which is least." Pick up the loose nails, bits of twine, clean wrapping paper, etc., and put them in their places. Be ready to throw in an odd half hour or an hour's time when it will be an accommodation, and don't seem to make a merit of it. Do it heartily. Though not a word be said, be sure your employer will make a note of it. Make yourself indispensable to him, and he will lose many of the opposite kind before he will part with you. Those young men who watch the time to see the very second the working hour is up who leave, no matter what state the work may be in, at precisely the instant who are lavish with their employer's goods, will always be the first to receive notice that times are dull, and their services are no longer required.