LITTLE children, even, have a degree of influence in this world. The following incident shows what small children can do, in exerting their influence upon the right side: 

A gentleman who had esteemed his cigar more than his necessary food, became convinced that he was a slave to the useless habit, and resolved to abandon it. His little son watched the few remaining cigars left upon the table, counting them from time to time to see if his papa was really in earnest. After the lapse of several days he said to him, "Papa, you hasn't smoked." "No, my son; and I do not intend to at present." "Well, papa, I hope you never will smoke again." "Why do you not want me to smoke?" "Because I always want to do as you do, and I never want to smoke."

Would that there were more such sons, and more parents who, for the sake of the future interest of their families, would abandon not only the use of tobacco, but intoxicating liquor in all its forms.

M. D. A.