“MAMMA," said Kitty, "won't you tell me how to be good inside? Papa calls me a good girl, so does Aunty, and most everybody; but I'm not good at all. You know when I could not go to ride yesterday? Aunty told you I had been very good about it. But she didn't know; for, though I did not say anything to her, and did not cry, I thought very wicked things. I went into the other room and kicked the cushions about, and I wished the carriage would upset, and the horses run away. Oh, how can I be good inside?"

Boys and girls often think themselves very good, because they don't commit great outward sins, don't steal, lie, swear, etc. 

They forget their selfishness, disobedience, anger, etc., or call them little things. Jesus says there are no little sins; these things show that their hearts are not right. Do not forget, children, that although you may keep your lips from angry words, God sees the angry feelings within. Do not listen to any one who tells you that a sin is a little sin. Do not call a lie a fib, or think that it is not a lie because it is acted, not spoken. 

Children often say such things as, "Don't ask your mother; then she can't say no, and it won't be disobeying her." This is wrong. Don't do it. Remember never to act a lie any 

more than to speak one.

SHOULD children pray? Certainly they should. They cannot commence too young. 

Before going to bed, kneel down and offer a prayer to God who takes care of you while you sleep. He will hear, and answer.