GO and get it! Go and get it, I say! "

Poor little Dash crept close to his young master's feet, looking up in his face with earnest, pleading eyes, as if he would say, 

"Please, please don't! I cannot do what you want."

Paul was trying to make Dash swim after a stick, which he had just thrown into the river. Now Dash was not a water dog, having no more love for it than a cat, and foolish Paul was bent on making him one. He kicked the poor little animal away, and repeated his order; then, angry that it was not obeyed, seized him, and threw him into the water. The dog was sorely frightened, but by hard struggling reached the bank, and wet, panting, and trembling, crawled to his master's feet with a pitiful whine. The cruel boy caught him up with rough words, and was just going to throw him in again, when a pair of strong arms seized him, and a man's voice said, 

"Here, young man! Now we'll see how you like to swim!"

It was Paul's turn to be frightened. He turned pale, trembled, and caught his breath, as the stranger lifted him in his stout arms as easily as he had poor Dash. 

He began to beg, 

"Oh, sir, pray don't! I can’t swim, indeed, I cannot! Oh, don't throw me into the water! I will never, never do so again."

The man paused, but did not let go his hold.

"Neither can your dog swim," said he; 

"but you meant to make him do it, just to amuse yourself. Why can I not make you do it to amuse me? I am as much larger and stronger than you as you are larger and stronger than that poor, panting, trembling dog."

Paul still begged and promised, and the stranger at last released him, saying,

"Now, my boy, let me give you a kind word of advice. Never treat another, whether human being or dumb animal, as you would not like to be treated yourself. 

Never try to make anybody or anything do what God, when he created it, did not make it to do, or to be what he did not mean it to be. If you keep these rules, you will be a better, wiser, happier boy. Goodbye."

Paul knew in his heart that the man was right, and the lesson was never forgotten.