A Kiss For A Blow.

THE following is a beautiful incident illustrating

the happy effects of a kiss for a blow.

How pleasant it would be, to always see children

thus return love for anger.

One day a minister went into an infant school

in Boston. He had been there before, and told

the children they might ask him any question

they pleased, whenever he came to see them.

Please do tell us, said a little boy, what is meant

by overcoming evil with good. The minister

began to explain it, when a little circumstance

occurred, which gave him a striking illustration.

A boy about seven years old was sitting beside

his little sister, who was only six years old.

As the minister was talking, George, for that

was the boy's name, got angry with his sister

about something, and doubled up his fist and

struck her on her head. The little girl was just

going to strike back, when the teacher seeing it,

said, my dear Mary, you had better kiss your

brother. See how angry and unhappy he looks.

Mary looked at her brother. He looked sullen

and wretched. Her resentment was soon gone,

and love for her brother returned to her heart.

She threw both her arms about his neck, and

kissed him. The poor boy was wholly unprepared

for such a kind return for his blow, he

could not stand before the generous affection of

his sister. His feelings were touched, and he

burst out crying. His gentle sister took the

corner of her apron and wiped away his tears,

and sought to comfort him by saying, with 

endearing sweetness and generous affection,

 Don't cry, George, you did not hurt me much. 

But he only wept the more. No wonder, it was

enough to make any body weep. But why did

George weep? Poor little fellow, would he

have wept if his sister had struck him as he had

her? Not he; but by kissing him as she did,

she made him feel more acutely, than if she had

beaten him black and blue. Here was a kiss

for a blow, love for anger, and all the school

saw at once what was meant by overcoming

evil with good. 

The Student.