“I shall want To Kiss My Mother”

SUCH was the language of a little curly headed

boy of three summers where his aunt told him

 that his mother would soon be hid from his sight

 in the dark grave; and though hardly three years

 old tears would glisten in his eyes when he 

thought he would see her no more. He would 

often say, "I shall want to kiss my mother by and

 by, and she will be all buried up in the ground."

And now dear children I want to tell you 

something about the death of this little boy's

 mother. She had been a professor of religion

 from her childhoodand at the time of her death

 had two little boys that she was trying to bring

 up in what she thought to be the right way. As

 she observed Sunday, most of her time on that

 day was spent in   instructing her boys. She was

 as well and healthy the day before she died as

 your mothers are today. But in an unexpected

 hour the swift messenger of death came and

 claimed her as his victim. She had no time to

 warn her husband and children to be prepared 

to meet their God in peace, but without 

moment's warning was taken away from all her

 heart held dear, and her little boys are left 

motherless in this unfriendly world. Little did 

they think when bidding her good night before

 retiring that it would be a last good night, for

 before morning she was "cold in death; and as 

I held "little Charlie" up to kiss the lips now cold

 in death that a few hours before had bade him 

good night, my tears mingled with his, and my 

heart went out in prayer to God that he would

 protect those motherless children.

And now dear children when you kneel beside

your mother's knee to say your evening prayer 

remember these little boys. Although they are

 with kind friends who care for their earthly

wants, yet they are not instructed in the way of

 life and salvation.

May your prayers ascend with mine to the

God of heaven that he will send some one this

 way to preach the good news of the kingdom in

 this place, that all the honest in heart may see

 the importance of being prepared to meet the

 Saviour in peace.

Yours hoping to be prepared to meet all the 

readers at his appearing and kingdom.

Nevada, Minnesota.