Riches Cannot Make People Happy.

  I presume that most of

you who read this, have had comfortable

houses, and kind friends to love you

and care for you. I hope you are not forgetful

of the many poor children who have no

such comforts. Do you always remember to

thank our Heavenly Father for such precious

gifts? For each token of his love and favor? Do

you ask him to help you make a good use of

all these blessings?

I want to tell you of some of the things

that I have seen, and of some of the thoughts

that I have had, while visiting among my

friends. These friends live in fine houses,

furnished with every convenience for comfort

or enjoyment; and some of them have fitted

up their homes in a style of elegance and luxury.

Their children are petted and indulged,

greatly to their present joy and satisfaction;

but oh! Thought I, it may prove to be, ere

long, greatly to the sorrow of both parents

and children. Their clothes are of an expensive

material and made fashionably; for show,

and not for comfort. Their play things are

costly; and I thought, to myself, How much

real comfort and joy a small part of this expense

might bring to many children who are

really needy.

Then, too, I thought, how happy these

children of rich parents ought to be if such

comforts and indulgences could, of themselves,

make them happy. But I found that

there was a secret in being happy, that

neither these children nor their parents had

discovered. All their money could not buy

real happiness. Costly dwellings, fine clothes,

beautiful surroundings, plenty of money, and

even loving friends, all combined cannot give

constant, abiding happiness, unless the peace

of God rule in the heart.

The peace of God passeth all understanding,

and with that in our heart, we may be

happy, even in poverty. Do not, then,  

depend on the comforts or luxuries of this life

to make you happy; but if the Lord sees fit

to give you such things, accept them with

gratitude; and if he sees fit to withhold

them, never murmur, but be happy in the

thought that He doeth all things well, and

will order everything for our best good.